MassBroadband 123

MassBroadband 123 Fiber-Optic Network Map Graphic

In early 2014, MBI completed construction of MassBroadband 123 - approximately 1,200 miles of fiber-optic network connecting 123 communties in western and north central Massachusetts to high-speed Internet. 

Axia NGNetworks USA manages and operates the network for MBI.  They are working with local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to connect Community Anchor Institutions (CAI) to the network.

About MassBroadband 123

  • Over 1,100+ public safety entities, schools, libraries, medical facilities, and town halls connected

  • Will serve as a backbone for over 400,000 households and businesses over a geographic area covering over one-third of Massachusetts with more than one million residents

  • Provides necessary broadband infrastructure to foster economic growth, improve health care and education, and strengthen public safety

>  Get Connected: Visit the Axia MassBroadband 123 website
>  Learn more about Network Operator, Axia
>  See How Schools Are Benefitting from the Network


The total cost for MassBroadband 123 was approximately $89.7 million:

  • $45.4 million in federal stimulus grant funds through the Broadband Technology Program (BTOP)
  • $44.3 million in matching Commonwealth funds from MBI, MA Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, and MA Information Technology Division