Flexible Grant Program

The Flexible Grant Program (FGP) will support Last Mile broadband connectivity for certain towns in western Massachusetts. The goal of the FGP is to provide grant funding to capable communications network companies that are willing to design, build, own, operate and maintain a communications network in one or more of the participating towns that will provide residents with broadband internet access that meets or exceeds the current Federal Communications broadband benchmark speeds.

Notice of Funding Availability

In October 2017, MBI released a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) through the Flexible Grant Program to solicit solutions for the unserved towns in western and central Massachusetts currently without an identified broadband project.

Provider Responses

MBI received submissions from 5 entities offering potential broadband network solutions. The posting of a submission on this page does not indicate approval by the MBI of (i) any respondent to the NOFA; or (ii) any potential broadband project referenced in a submission. All submissions are currently under review. The FGP allowed for providers to submit proposals for towns without requiring the town's consent. Thus, the posting of a submission on this page does not indicate necessarily that a town has accepted the proposal(s) or solicited the submission in the first instance.

Click on the icons in the table below to view or download the provider responses for any given town. File sizes are listed to help gauge download times for people with slow Internet connections.

  Comcast Crocker* Matrix WGE (WCF)* WiValley
Blandford  511KB  72KB  2.7MB  362KB  
Charlemont    72KB  2MB  362KB  
Chesterfield  511KB  56KB  2.3MB  362KB  
Cummington  511KB  56KB    362KB  
Florida    72KB  2.6MB  362KB  259KB
Hawley    72KB    362KB  259KB 
Monroe    72KB    362KB  259KB
Middlefield  511KB  72KB  2.3MB  362KB  259KB
New Braintree    72KB    362KB  
New Marlborough    142KB  2.4MB  362KB  
Savoy    72KB   2.2MB  362KB  259KB
Sandisfield    56KB   2.3MB  362KB  
Tolland    56KB  2MB  362KB  
Worthington  511KB  72KB  3.1MB  362KB  259KB

* This provider has indicated that the solutions described in their response may be applied to any unserved town.

Additional Information and Points of Contact

As the review and due diligence process continues, MBI will post information intended to assist towns in evaluating and considering NOFA responses. The FGP involves an iterative process of engagement with interested providers and towns and this page will be updated accordingly as this process unfolds.

MBI will coordinate with the Board of Selectmen from each town listed in the table above. At any such time that a town wishes to decline a provider offer, the Board of Selectmen should formally notify MBI so as to narrow the search for a solution.