Technology Impacts on Small Businesses

The MBI completed an $800,000 grant program with the state's Community Development Corporations (CDC).  Four CDCs across the Commonwealth provided technical assistance and resources to 77 small businesses and/or nonprofits within their respective regions. 

The CDCs identified small businesses that lacked sufficient resources and helped them use technology to improve their operations, grow their businesses, and thrive in a competitive marketplace.  Here are some of the impacts. To learn more: Small Business Technical Assistance Grant Program

Klara’s Gourmet Cookies, Lee, MA
A family owned gourmet cookie bakery used their award to add e-commerce to their website. In the first month the new website was launched, an order was placed online from a prominent Boston law firm for over $10,000 worth of gift baskets.

Balicki’s Auto Body, Wareham, MA
An auto repair, salvage and parts business used their grant to automate their parts inventory and create an online store. They expanded their business beyond their local area and now ship parts, particularly for older collectible vehicles, throughout the United States. The business is increasing its customers, sales and revenue, helping turn around a business that had been in a slow decline.

China Array Plastics, Pittsfield, MA
A plastics manufacturer that designs and manufactures high-performance, high-value plastic components for aerospace, medical and electronic industries used its grant to expand its broadband service, upgrade its design tools to more easily and quickly send designs, technical drawings (CADD) and specifications to customers and overseas manufacturing facilities, and to conduct online virtual meetings. Previously the company had to travel frequently overseas for meetings and send design and CADD files via DVD, which sometimes took weeks to ship. Their award resulted in time saved, reduced costs, a shortened production cycle and quicker delivery to customers.

Illusions Academy of Dance, New Bedford, MA
A dance studio and school implemented class registration and management software, that allows students to register and pay for classes online, and the business owner to more easily schedule and manage classes. Students appreciate the convenience, and staff are now able to concentrate more efforts on teaching, and less time on administration. The owner stated, “This has been the best thing ever for my studio!”

Tremendous Maids, Boston (Jamaica Plain), MA
A residential and commercial cleaning company that used its award to create a new website and install a web-based scheduling and payment system for customers. The new system reduced the number of scheduling issues and conflicts, and made it easier for customers to schedule services. The business has since expanded and has hired several new employees.

The Record Company, Boston (Dorchester), MA
A recording studio that employs interns from a local music college and targets classes to at-risk youth used its award to update its computer equipment and software, and to implement a web-based scheduling and payment system to make it simpler for students to enroll in classes, reducing administrative work. The award allowed the studio to reduce overall administrative work, making it easier for them to manage classes and focus more time on teaching up-to-date techniques using the latest technology.