FGP Actions Plans

Flexible Grant Program Action Plans

MBI designed the FGP to permit Providers, MBI, and Towns to engage in a flexible, iterative process to develop high value proposals to provide the best available solution for these currently unserved towns.

Accordingly, the FGP contemplates that in response to an initial expression of interest from a Provider or a Town, a proposal will be developed or refined through negotiations among the Provider, MBI, and the Town.

Where appropriate, the process for engagement among the parties will be specified in a customized Action Plan tailored to the specific characteristics of each proposed broadband project. The Action Plan will identify the responsibilities and tasks to be undertaken by each party.

MBI is posting each Action Plan to afford other private broadband providers the opportunity to propose a comparable or more advantageous solution. MBI has executed Action Plans for the following proposed broadband projects:

Provider Covered Town(s) Technology Action Plan
Crocker Communications Sandisfield Fiber-to-the-Home Download Here
WiValley Florida, Hawley, Monroe and Savoy Wireless Download Here