Middle Mile Program

Graphic depiction of public institutions connecting to the world through the internet

Middle Mile is an industry term that describes the network infrastructure that connects last mile (i.e., local) networks to other network service providers, major telecommunications carriers, and the greater internet. It does not typically connect the majority of end-users.


MBI completed construction of an open-access, middle mile fiber-optic network in early 2014. The network stretches across 120+ western and central Massachusetts communities and was the first step in bringing high-speed internet to all parts of the state. It will be used as a building block to design and build last mile connections to residents and businesses in the regions still lacking high-speed internet services.

  • MassBroadband 123 Operations in western and central MA:
    The MassBroadband 123 network already provides last mile connectivity to hundreds of public facilities in Western and North Central Massachusetts. There network, operated by Axia NGNetworks USA, provides services to local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that may offer consumer services in the region.