Brookings Institution Cites Last Mile Program & Work of MBI

The Brookings Institution
Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The well-known national organization The Brookings Institution cited the work of the MBI and the Commonwealth's efforts on broadband expansion in a report focused on growing the innovation economy in Pennsylvania. The August 2019 report highlights other state programs that Pennsylvania could use as models, including a full-page breakout of the MBI and the Last Mile program investment. On page 45, the report's authors highlights why they focus on Massachusetts as an example:

For its part, Massachusetts has undertaken one of the most substantial broadband expansion programs in the U.S., focused particularly on connecting unserved and underserved communities outside of the Boston area.

The full-page breakout appears on page 50 of the report, in a section on ways to spread public investments to all parts of a state to drive innovation. You can read more on the Brookings Institution's website (below):

             Ideas for Pennsylvania Innovation: Examining efforts by competitor states and national leaders

Robert Maxim and Mark Muro

August 13, 2019

Report download: